MacArthur’s Lounge, Food & Refreshments 2019.

Ze071. The new food and refreshment establishment on Corregidor Island, and located in the same premises as the former MacArthur Café has a name: MacArthur’s Lounge.
As of this year Corregidor Island has a new establishment for food and refreshments! A friend and I visited Corregidor in 2019, Jan. 25th to the 28th and took advantage of it.
The rooms, previously managed by the MacArthur Café are now managed by the Corregidor Foundation Incorporated (CFI). You may contact their office in Manila at 02 8233281 or Ms. Marylou Farnacio,
The entrepreneur is a native of Boracay and her name is Jing (I believe). She just started and I’m sure her services at this establishment will increase. She has Tel No.: 0995 467 2699.

Ze072. The front cover of the new food and refreshment establishment menu on Corregidor Island; it has their phone number: 0905 467 2699.

Ze073. This is how the former Mac Arthur Café, now the new MacArthur’s Lounge, looks like now; this is a Jan. 2019 image.

Ze074. This is Miss Jane; she helps out sometime at the new MacArthur’s Lounge. She is an employee of CFI and looks after the former MacArthur Café rooms which are now in the hands of CFI. Ms. Jing, the boss of the MacArthur’s Lounge did not have any help as of Jan. 2019. But on my Feb. 2019 visit she did have a helper, a young girl, from Bataan but who grew up in Subic Bay.

Ze075. The bare beginnings of a new business by an enterprising Filipino Lady, I am sure she will expand her facilities. This building has been recently renovated by CFI. Here are some of the drinks and she runs show from here.

Ze076. This is the menu of the new MacArthur’s Lounge, at this Jan. 2019 visit, the management did not have every last item on the menu yet, but that situation will improve. The Lady Boss let me run a tap again like in the past under the old management. One thing I noticed and will consider in my future purchases. Her prices are a higher than in the old establishment and also higher that the competition at the other restaurant.

Ze077. That is Ms. Jing, the Lady Boss, of the new MacArthur’s Lounge. Like all Filipinos on Corregidor, she is very friendly and very good in English, so communication is not a problem.

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