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Metro Manila Albums Group 1, later after many albums will start Group 2

BOOK LAUNCH! Rampage: MacArthur, Yamashita, and the Battle of Manila by James Scott. 12th Feb. 2019.

Ze034. 01 Filipinas Heritage Library, Rampage Book Launch ——————————————————————- This is a book about the terrible thing that happened to the City of Manila because the enemy threw away all regards to the life of Philippine civilians. Not only that, many of the Japanese military personnel went on a rampage of murder, rape and brutality. […]

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Trip to the La Mesa Dam, Reservoir and La Mesa Park.

Ca064. This is the La Mesa ECOPARK entrance and visitor reception area, 2018-02-27. This was a trip with a friend to explore the eastern side of Bulacan Province. We wanted to look at all three water dams of the Angat River System because they are so vital to life of the people in Metro Manila. […]

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