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This subcategory is about news from Corregidor and related matters. I will organize the posts by dates and or subjects.

MacArthur’s Lounge, Food & Refreshments 2019.

Ze071. The new food and refreshment establishment on Corregidor Island, and located in the same premises as the former MacArthur Café has a name: MacArthur’s Lounge. ——————————————— As of this year Corregidor Island has a new establishment for food and refreshments! A friend and I visited Corregidor in 2019, Jan. 25th to the 28th and […]

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Corregidor News as of 2018-04-01 until ….

Zc239. The closed and empty former Freedom Café (formerly Gen MacArthur Café) during my visit between the 6th and 8th July. We always enjoyed so much comradely and historical talk, there is none here now! Corregidor is under a new management as of about earl April 2018 The Corregidor Foundation Inc. (CFI) is now under […]

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