Category: Pampanga No.1 Group

All the albums that show Pampanga will go into this sub group, if too many in the future, I will expand into No.2 Group.

Pampanga Tidbits

Zg425. (-Images #30 to #32) are 3 close-up images, looking down to the Pasig Potrero River from the east lanes of the bridge. It seems the iron sheeting; perhaps put in place to stable the river bed level was not good enough. I speculate they have to something similar in the near future, but better […]

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Four Central Luzon History Stories

Four Central Luzon History Stories   The Historic Municipio Building in Angeles Zf728. The Historic Municipio Building in Angeles from Wikipedia. Here are two URLs to refresh your memory or learn about the building history. Courtesy of Wikipedia:   This building is 100 years old ————————————————– I recently had association with or learned about 4 […]

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Philippine Army Artillery Monument, Camp Dau, Camp Del Pilar

This Philippine Army Artillery Monument was established after WWII. In the process the two old Camp Dau, later Camp Gen. Del Pilar, (pre WWII) upright shells were incorporated. It is located in the Clark Freeport, the former Clark Air Base and Fort Stotsenburg before that. Zc442. The Golden Gate of Camp Dau, at barangay Dau. […]

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