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This category is for my albums from the Visayan Islands.

WWII Coast-Watcher at Balicuatro Point, NW Samar.

Zg262. The Battle of the Philippine Sea (June 19–20, 1944), from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Battle of the Philippine Sea (June 19–20, 1944) was a major naval battle of World War II that eliminated the Imperial Japanese Navy’s ability to conduct large-scale carrier actions. It took place during the United States’ amphibious invasion of […]

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Survivors of the “Battle off Samar”.

Zf759. The escort carrier Gambier Bay, burning from earlier gunfire damage, is bracketed by a salvo from a Japanese cruiser (faintly visible in the background, center-right) shortly before sinking during the Battle off Samar. This picture is from the Wikipedia page: “The Battle Off Samar”. ————————————————————————— Survivors of the “Battle off Samar”. Part of the  Battle of Leyte Gulf, […]

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Samar, WWII, US Military, Guerillas from NARA

  Zf652. -01. Guinuan Field, NARA, 111-SCA-Album_2987_50. This was a huge airfield, built by the Seabees, used by all. The Bells of Balangiga and President Duterte landed here when the bells returned in Dec. 2018. —————————————————– Samar is another interesting place in this world and it is accessible to me; it is full of Philippine […]

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Calvary Hill, Tacloban City, Philippines, Crucifixion of Jesus

Ze083 One of many images of the Stations of Jesus Crucifixion on the Calvary Hill in Tacloban City, Philippines. I think it is well done and is worth a visit. ——————————————— Stations of Jesus Crucifixion On the last day we finally found time to walk up the Calvary Hill, Tacloban City, Philippines. The people of […]

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