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All these islands and forts are unique, so I do not want to say this is the best one or most interesting one. But to me it was exiting to visit this unique place. All these pictures in the following pages should be considered unique.
This is an aerial view of Fort Frank on Carabao Island 1923 which I got from the Coastal Defense Study Group ( This picture may help in your orientation about the island.

Carabao Island, Ft. Frank, 2009, a little Adventure.

Zg679. Karl is coming and going several times under the wall, to get all my gear under the wall in a relative dry condition, camera etc. This is a John Moffitt image. ———————————————– Sunday, 15th Nov. 2009. Based on the experience yesterday (no sea swells, light NE wind and a low tide) we ordered a […]

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Carabao Isl., Ft. Frank, saved pics

Zg652 Battery Koehler 1945 from Tony Feredo. After the Allied reoccupied the island. ——————————————- I established this album with pictures of Carabao Island, Fort Frank which were used in this Corregidor Forum page, click here:   These pictures were watermarked, or did not open or were thumbnails (So, I wanted to save them) etc. ——————————————- Zg653 […]

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Sinalang Cove, Ft. Frank Water Source

Zg633. Sinalang Cove as viewed from a boat that just departed from Carabao Island in 2012, the former Fort Frank, part of the Manila Bay Defense Command. Fort Frank got its water from there. —————————————— Friends and I are interested in history and we wanted to check on the Fort Frank water source story. The […]

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Fort Frank construction

This page shows construction of Fort Frank on Carabao Island in Manila Bay. Fort Frank was part of the Manila and Subic Bay Harbor Defense Command. These images were given to me by Karl Schmidt from the Coastal Defense Study Group ( who got the images from National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Thank you […]

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