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The United States also took over the Spanish Naval Arsenal in Subic Bay with the village of Olongapo. They deemed the bay important and decided to build a coastal defense fort onto Grande Island and named it Fort Wint. Rumor has it that the CIA used it after the war. But in the 1960s the US Naval Base started to use it as a recreation island. Under Philippine control again after 1992 a resort business opened on the island.

Oryoku Maru POWs transshipped in San Fernando, La Union

  Zf848. To me this is the best picture of the bunch, it shows the whole San Fernando, La Union area and the authors marked the picture with the relevant geographic points and the timeline of the transshipment of the POWs in Dec. 1944. —————————————————– The horrendous tale and time table of the Allied POWs […]

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Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt

Zf192.  Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt, this is the front cover. A new book about Army Lt. Britt serving in Fort Wint, (Grande Island in Subic Bay) and in the Battle of Bataan during WWII. He also survived three Hell Ships and being a POW in the […]

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Grande Island, ex Fort Wint, Update Visit 2021-01-22

Zd856. Number 2 Gun of Battery Hall. The present management of the Grande Island Resort appears to have even less resources to keep the Coastal Defense Gun Batteries of the former Fort Wint presentable and accessible. ———————————————- After being absent from the Philippines for 15 months, I had the desire to visit the island again. […]

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Army Lt Chester K Britt, Hell Ship Oryoku Maru, Ft. Wint, Olongapo

Zo691-01. 1941 Olongapo, Chet Britt the Olongapo Fleet Boat Landing and Waiting Shed. It looks like the Army Coastal Defense Force of Fort Wint on Grande Island in Subic Bay used the same boat landing area as the US Fleet in the Olongapo US Naval Station. This image was provided by John Duresky. ————————————————– […]

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ex Fort Wint on Grande Island Visit with Charlie 2018-07-20

Zc281. Fort Casey 10 inch Disappearing Gun, this image came from Wikimedia Commons. ex Fort Wint on Grande Island Visit with Charlie 2018-07-20 First segment of 9 images. My friend Charlie Moser helped dismantle the two (2) 10 inch guns of Battery Warwick on Grande Island, the ex Fort Wint, 50 years ago. On the […]

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Battery Warwick Guns are not forgotten.

Zc285. Fort Wint-Grande Island 1919, this great drawing came from an U.S. Navy oiler ship web page. Zc278. Charlie Moser visited me at Subic Bay on the 15th of July 2018. Here we are on Mt. Cayuyag, north end of the bay of Subic Bay, and we see Grande Island about thumbs width left of […]

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