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Bolinao Town, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Anda Island 2019-03-03

Ze473. (0a) the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, it was a good road down from Bolinao Town, there are a few resorts on the way, some are not cheap. ———————————————– If one has the time, a little extra to spend there are many things to see in the Philippines. And if you have wheels, that makes it […]

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Islandia Hotel-100 Islands

Ze455. (01) Islandia Hotel, front, from the main road into Alaminos City from the south. ———————————————- We visited 100 Islands in Alaminos City, part of Pangasinan on the 3rd of March 2019; the price was right, 1800 peso for a twin room, including breakfast. You might consider it, it was a pleasant hotel. This album […]

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