Category: Island Tunnels

This sub category is for the tunnels on Corregidor Island, the former Fort Mills. Fort Mills built some before WWII, during the Siege the Philippine and U.SA troops built more for protection against Japanese bombs and artillery. Then it was the Japanese turn to build more in defense against the Allied, U.S. liberation assault.

Infantry Point-Tunnel and Magazine

This tunnel is near the Infantry Point, is concrete lined, is not on any map and I say, it is a substantial size tunnel. It was most likely also a Magazine. We do not know the history of it. The storage chamber at the middle entrance has a no-smoking sign in Filipino, so it was […]

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Corregidor Officer Beach Suicide Boat Tunnels 2018-April 6th.

Za910. Corregidor Officer Beach with 3 Japanese built Suicide Boat Tunnels. Za910. Corregidor Officer Beach. 001., the former Fort Mills, a view from a boat. The Japanese built 3 Suicide Boat Tunnels at the west end of the beach. Za911. My GPS Track at the Officers Beach with the Japanese Suicide Boat Tunnels on Corregidor, […]

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