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Fourth Day, First Flag Anniversary 2021-02-16, the 76th on Corregidor Island.

Zf001. I started walking from MacArthur Café to the Engineering Ravine. I came by here and noticed all the trolleys are left on the island by Sun Cruises Inc. They apparently belong to the Corregidor Foundation Inc (CFI) now. Not a good picture but the story is that the trolleys are still here and are […]

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Corregidor visit with Bill & Scott, 2006-01-20

– Zo923. One of the Senior Officer Quarters, Topside on Corregidor, Fort Mills which was used by one of the parachute companies as a head quarter when recapturing Corregidor from the Japanese on the 16th Feb. 1945. ——————————————– Album Description: The purpose was to show my friends Bill Loudermilk and Scott Simms, the famous island […]

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MacArthur’s Lounge, Food & Refreshments 2019.

Ze071. The new food and refreshment establishment on Corregidor Island, and located in the same premises as the former MacArthur Café has a name: MacArthur’s Lounge. ——————————————— As of this year Corregidor Island has a new establishment for food and refreshments! A friend and I visited Corregidor in 2019, Jan. 25th to the 28th and […]

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