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Waipahu Monument Honors Filipino WWII Veterans

  Zg149. The new Filipino WWII Veterans Monument in Waipahu, Hawaii consist of a group of three different bronze installations by the artist Kelly S. Hestir ———————————- The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts held a dedication ceremony for the new bronze sculpture monument honoring Filipino WWII veterans at the Waipahu Public Library on […]

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Barbers Point Nimitz Beach Walk, 2020

– Zd073. Moving west along the Nimitz Beach area, the first pillbox is in sight. One of 12 images of the Nimitz Beach in the former Naval Air Station Barbers Point, from the entrance, moving west, up to the first WWII Beach Defense Pillbox. One or more images are of the new solar panel field […]

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Honolulu Rail Transit, HART, 2nd Album, June 2020

Zo724. The HART= Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation Depot, Honolulu Rail Transit Depot is located just west of the Leeward Community College on OAHU. I count at least 6 trains. I saw them rolling, trying them out all the way to Pearl Ridge Mall (Waimalu). ——————————————————————– HART= Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation The Honolulu Rail […]

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Viet Nam, Hawaii, Philippines, Memories

—————————– Ze553. This is the Army Museum in Fort Derussy in Waikiki. —————————— Recently my family moved temporarily to Hawaii and I visited the Army Museum in Fort Derussy in Waikiki with family members. I saw pictures there that reminded me of my life in this world. —————————— Ze554. The Army Museum in Fort Derussy […]

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Honolulu Rail Transit Project.

Ze528. Honolulu Rail Transit, Aloha Stadium Station #9 is being finished. ——————————————- The Honolulu Rail Transit Project is making progress; here is the project’s web side, click here or copy and paste the URL: Here is the URL for the map, click here or copy and paste the URL. How-a-20-mile-train-line-swelled-into-a-9-billion-debacle, click here or […]

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