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Battery Grubbs

Zg717. 110329h Battery Grubbs & Family. See, I even brought my family to Corregidor, this is my asawa (spouse in English) and she poses at No 2 Gun of Battery Grubbs, this was on the 29th of March 2011. ————————————————- Battery Grubbs was a 10 Inch Coast Artillery Battery with 2 guns on Corregidor. The […]

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Battery Cheney of Fort Mills on Corregidor

  Zg321. One of the 12 Inch gun barrels is being installed at Battery Cheney in Fort Mills on Corregidor Island, Manila Bay, Philippines. It looks like they are using hydraulic jacks. This is a picture from the Karl Schmidt Collection, CDSG. He just sent it now, the 17th of June 2023 and gave me […]

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Col. W. Massello, Battery Way, Corregidor Siege

Zo703. Lt. Col. William Massello is honored by Mayor G. Edward Bradley in Sommerville, Mass., as a survivor of the Corregidor Siege in 1942 and being on a Hell Ship, and POW in Japan. The Boston Sunday Globe got it completely wrong! The Allied personnel on Corregidor, ordered to surrender, DID NOT PARTICIPATE in the […]

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Battery Rock Point.

Zc535. The approximate location of the Battery Rock Point Panama Mount we have seen so far. This is the Rock Point area of the former Fort Mills on Corregidor Island. Battery Rock Point, 155 mm GPF gun/s on Panama Mount/s During the Corregidor Siege the entire installed stationary 155 mm GPF guns were very seldom […]

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Battery Sunset

Battery Sunset of Ft. Mills on Corregidor Island had four 155mm GPF guns, installed on Panama Mounts. They were located along and above Grubbs Trail, between Battery Smith and Cape Corregidor. BATTERY SUNSET MAGAZINE On my way to visit Searchlight No.2, I stopped by the Battery Sunset Magazine and took some pictures and share these. […]

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Battery Ramsay

Battery Ramsay at Fort Mills on Corregidor Island. Zc119. This is the Battery Ramsay area, this is the direction you enter it. If you look very hard to the right you can see part of #1 Gun blown up onto the parapet. This is an April 2010 photo but now it is grown over completely. […]

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