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These are Navy presentations from the Navy or other sources.

NEC 5343 (Diver Second Class). A diver in WWII with a PT Boat Squadron

– Zo759. A Google Earth image of Tulagi Island and Guadalcanal Island of the Solomon Islands. I assume the PT boat base was at this location. ————————————————– NEC stands for Navy Enlisted Classification. That is how I started out as a diver. A shipmate, PO2 Auman, asked me to join him to request for our […]

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Battle of Midway Island in NEX Hallway.

– Zo744 This is one of several images of the Battle of Midway, 4th June 1942, which are displayed in the hall ways of the Pearl Harbor Exchange (NEX). The pictures were shot on the 23rd of June 2020 and may be downloaded in high resolution from my Flickr album. ———————————————- In the Pearl Harbor […]

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The Northcott Brothers

Zc512. Bilibid Prison in Manila from the Navy Medicine Live Blog. U. S. Navy, 3 Corpsman Brothers, Canacao Hospital, Bilibid Prison, Oryoku Maru Hell Ship This is copied from the Navy Medicine Live Blog, click here: The Saga of the Northcotts: Three Brothers at Bilibid Prison By André B. Sobocinski Historian, U.S. Navy Bureau of […]

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