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Full stories of WWII in album form and not just tidbits!

Carlos Peña Rómulo.

Zf148. Carlos Romulo from Wikipedia.  He has an impressive record in the defense of the Philippines and its liberation. During the Siege of Corregidor he was the Voice of Freedom with his Radio Broadcasts. For the Liberation of the Philippines he was the Right Hand Man to General MacArthur and President Quezon in promoting the […]

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Oryoku Maru – the notorious Japanese POW Hellship

Zf142. This is the Hellships Memorial in Subic Bay, located only a few hundred feet from the wreckage site of the Oryoku Maru. Picture, courtesy of Pacific War Stories video, this is the opening image of the video. The speaker, shown in this picture is LCDR Gerald Anderson, who was the principle person who created […]

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Corregidor map, WWII, the Japanese had one

Zf117. Corregidor map, WWII, the Japanese had one. Picture courtesy, the Japanese National Archives and the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team. This picture may be downloaded in high resolution from this Flickr account, click here: Corregidor map, WWII, the Japanese had one During the Siege of Corregidor in WWII by the Imperial Japanese […]

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Images of Gen MacArthur. No 1.

– Zd033. A screen shot of Gen. MacArthur in a You Tube video during the era of the Bonus March. Curtesy of the Gen. MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk VA. ——————————————- These first 13 images of Gen. MacArthur during the era of the Bonus March. The MacArthur Memorial created a film about the eviction of the […]

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West Point Class of 1940, some information.

– Zd019. General Douglas MacArthur Address at West Point – “Duty, Honor, Country” from Valorous TV, Home of the Uncommon Valor, click here: His famous farewell speech, there not too many things that were not touched by Gen MacArthur! ————————————————– T hese pictures are from John Duresky, who is a member of the Army Lt. […]

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