Carlos Peña Rómulo.

Zf148. Carlos Romulo from Wikipedia.  He has an impressive record in the defense of the Philippines and its liberation. During the Siege of Corregidor he was the Voice of Freedom with his Radio Broadcasts. For the Liberation of the Philippines he was the Right Hand Man to General MacArthur and President Quezon in promoting the Liberation of the Philippines. Under direct orders of Gen MacArthur he was the last man to leave Corregidor before it fell.

After the war he established a long record of Diplomatic Service to the Philippines. As a student of Philippine-American History he became a person of interest to me a long time ago, he should have a page in our forum!


Carlos Romulo from Wikipedia

Carlos Peña RómuloQSC CLH NA (14 January 1898 – 15 December 1985) was a Filipino diplomat, statesman, soldier, journalist and author. He was a reporter at 16, a newspaper editor by the age of 20, and a publisher at 32. He was a co-founder of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, a general in the US Army and the Philippine Army, university president, President of the UN General Assembly, was eventually named one of the Philippines’ National Artists in Literature, and was the recipient of many other honors and honorary degrees. He was born in Camiling, Tarlac and he studied at the Camiling Central Elementary School during his basic education.

He was born in Camaling,Tarlac and because I have a personal connection to that town, my relation to him is almost personal. I will start this page with a few pictures and hopefully more will follow from me and others. When I googled him, Google said: About 8,440,000 results (0.61 seconds); this is the URL, click here: 

Zf149. Carlos Romulo from Flickr.


Why did I start this page now? Friends of mine, the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team sent me these following items and said this:

A couple days ago, I happened to be browsing Ebay with the key word BATAAN, and up popped an auction for a 1942 War Gum card that kids collected then like baseball cards.   Turned out to be for Col Romulo.   I put in a bid on it; no one else was interested, so got this 1942 card for a whopping $3.95 with free postage.    Interesting to see he was already known as a hero in the US, then, even to American kids.    Just got it in the mail today, so here it is if you care to use it 

John, the research team member. 

Here are the two items!

Zf150. 1942 Carlos Romulo WAR GUM CARD front. Photo, courtesy of the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team

Zf151. 1942 Carlos Romulo WAR GUM CARD back. Photo, courtesy of the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team

The people of the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team are:

First are Dave Britt, LTC USAF (Ret), son of Chester K Britt, Vickie Graham CMSGT USAF (Ret), and John Duresky. They all graduated from Logan High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1967, and are doing it as a team. Chester Britt graduated from Logan in 1933 and his mother Grace in 1934. Dave wrote most of the manuscript, John editing what he wrote and doing most of the research, and Vickie is the final editor with about 20 years of professional writing in her resume, largely with Airman Magazine.

They are planning to write a book about Army Lt. Chester K. Britt soon!

Uploaded their intention to the forum, POW/MIA, Army Lt. Chester K. Britt, Hell Ship Oryoku Maru, click here:


I noticed, we already have some pictures about Carlos Romulo in our forum, I will repost them here.

Zf152. U810. Gen MacArthur, with Gen Carlos Romulo at his side is approaching, on Navy PT Boats, the south shore, Bottomside of Fort Mills on Corregidor Island. It is the 2nd of March 1945 and the soldiers who liberated the Island, will present it this day to Gen MacArthur, who will order the flag raised and said let no enemy ever haul it down.

Zf153. V524. (02 161213 Gen). Romulo near US Embassy.1. This stature interested me very much; Carlos Romulo played important roles in the Philippine and US History. This monument was worked on before and I wanted to know the present condition. It is located pretty much in front of the US Embassy.

Zf154. V274 (13). Former President Sergio Osmena (R) with Carlos P. Romulo(L) and Gen. Douglas MacArthur (C) during his visit to the Philippines. July 1961. Life Magazine, Photographer Carl Mydans. Photo courtesy of LIFE photo archive hosted by Google.


Zf155. Za333. Ambassador Hubbard and Mrs. Beth Day Romulo 7th April 2000 at the Camp O’Donnell Monument

This picture came from the web page of the Battling Bastard of Bataan

Two wreaths were laid by US Ambassador Thomas C. Hubbard and Mrs. Beth Day Romulo: one on the Camp O’Donnell Monument and the other on the Filipino Monument, right beside the American Monument.

Mrs Beth Day Romulo is married to the famous Filipino Personality General Carlos Romulo. She is also an accomplished writer. She was also then the President of the Corregidor Foundation Inc. (CFI).


Col. Carlos P. Romulo did a lot of information work in the U.S. during the war.

In this case he delivered a personal message of people he knew.

Zf161. Mollie Rucker Bell and Charles P Romulo. Photo is from the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team

We have a webpage for Lt. William Roy Bell, U.S. Army Air Corps, click here:


Mr. Romulo arrives at Nichols Field 1946 1st July

This picture and the picture description are from this NARA URL, click here:  

This URL has over 200 pictures and descriptions which document comings and goings at the Nichols Field 1941 to 1946; including Japanese bombs and the Japanese surrender delegation. This presentation is only about Mr. and Mrs. Carlos P. Romulo arriving at Nichols Field for the Philippine independence ceremonies.

The researcher of the writing team of the new book “Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt”, John Duresky made me aware of it.

Zg211 He was a General in Gen. MacArthur’s staff during the war and he seems to be wearing a khaki uniform but has no rank icons. Perhaps he was a civilian again at this time.

Zg211 & Zg212 Photo descriptions:

Friends surround Mr. and Mrs. Carlos P. Romulo on their arrival at Nichols Field, Manila P.I. 7/1/46 for the Philippine Independence ceremonies

This picture came from this NARA URL, click here: 



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