Other WWII Bataan Memorials & Plaques #1

Zf500. GEN. KING SURRENDER MARKER AT LAMAO, BATAAN, Picture # X360 posted in the below linked URL on the 28th April, 2015 entry.


This album, webpage is for some other WWII memorials & plaques in Bataan,


Five other memorials/plaques in Bataan!

My friend Roger Davis, a member of the Coastal Defense Study Group (cdsg), sent me these 5 images, which he shot in 2001 of different memorials in Bataan. He asked me whether I know where they are located.

I not only know where these 5 other WWII Bataan Memorials are, I posted information about them and their locations in this Corregidor Forum page, webpage, and all five are on this same page, click here:

Note, this is how they looked in 2001; in the link you will see that some have been improved.

Zf501. GEN. WAINWRIGHT SURRENDERS THE ALLIED FORCES AND ALL OF THE PHILIPPINES, picture # X588 is posted in the above link URL on the 17th of June 2015 entry. Much has changed here since 2001!

Zf502. TRAIL 2 BATTLE-CAPOT HILL MARKER AND CAPOT VILLAGE, picture # X731 is posted in the above linked URL on the 14th July 2015 entry.

Zf503. THE FINALE BATTLE OF BATAAN MARKER, picture # X764 is posted in the above linked URL on the 19th July 2015 entry.

Zf504. BATTLE OF THE POCKETS MEMORIAL MARKER, picture # 52 is posted in the above linked URL on the 2nd Sep. 2015 entry.

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