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Gen. Wainwright images and news clippings.

– Zo770. 1945-8-30 Lt Gen Jonathan M Wainwright in Manila with Gen Walter Krueger. This is one of 7 images of Gen. Wainwright, found and provided by John Duresky for his research for a book on Army Lt Chester K Britt. —————————————————————- These pictures are from Mr. John Duresky. He and his friend, Lt Col […]

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Col. W. Massello, Battery Way, Corregidor Siege

Zo703. Lt. Col. William Massello is honored by Mayor G. Edward Bradley in Sommerville, Mass., as a survivor of the Corregidor Siege in 1942 and being on a Hell Ship, and POW in Japan. The Boston Sunday Globe got it completely wrong! The Allied personnel on Corregidor, ordered to surrender, DID NOT PARTICIPATE in the […]

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