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Salvage of wreck on Corregidor 2008

Zo636. A WWII wreck, sunk during the siege of Corregidor, is salvaged on Corregidor Island, Manila Bay in 2008. In this picture we Morrison Hill at left and on Corregidor, then the hills around Mariveles Bay where the wrecks of the USS Canopos AS-9 and the George Dewey Drydock rest. ———————————————– Not all wrecks have […]

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WWII Tidbits from the www. Post #1

Zo571. GERMAN-ARMY-RUSSIA-SOVIET-UNION-WW2-SECOND-WORLD-WAR-IMAGES-PICTURES-PHOTOS-HISTORY-008 February 1944. A pathetic sight. The once mighty German army withdraws from Leningrad area on horse-carts. Curtesy of: https://pictureshistory.blogspot.com/ or click here https://pictureshistory.blogspot.com/2010/07/germans-in-russia-later-years-retreat.html or click here —————————————————– A collection of WWII images from the world wide web (WWW). These are pictures that drew my attention or are telling me a story that interests […]

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