Tag: Subic Bay in 1944 or 45

The U.S.M.C. Maquinaya Firing Range 1902 to 1910. Bo. Barretto now!

Ze788. The USMC Firing Range at Maquinaya in 1908. The river in this valley still has that Maquinaya name today but the area is now Barrio Barretto. My house, today, is near were the targets were. This picture came from the Earl Hancock “Pete” Ellis Picture Collection in the U.S.M.C. Archives. ————————————- Early last century, […]

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Barretto, Maquinaya, WWII

Zc728. This is a 1930 image of the Navy Rifle Range (a better description would be to call it the Marine Corps Rifle Range) located in the area called Maquinaya, This area became Barrio Barretto. The river is still called Maquinaya River. This picture was provided by my Marine friend Bert Caloud. ——————————– Barrio Barretto, […]

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