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New Zealand & Lumibao Hike, 230201

Zg116. This is picture #048 but is numbered in this album as Zg116. Pictures # 030 to 066 are of the area that people are calling and are visiting, the New Zealand tourist spot. Under those trees, in their cool shade and with the lawn type grass covering the grounds and the calm waters of […]

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Solar Project in Santa Fe Lahars 23-01-29

Zg107. (-107), Image is a portion of my walk when I walked to Mt. Bagang and climbed to some height to take pictures. I saw tourist traffic coming and going to the east to the pine forested area on the north shore of the new Mapanuepe Lake (not in picture); I learned a tourist spot, […]

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Two ex Roads to the Dizon Mine

Zf164. The Rocky, Monolith Peak or Peaks of Mount Balakibok. This peak or these peaks are prominent visible from just about anywhere in Olongapo. The Kalaklan Ridge leads to the peaks and a road and power lines to the Dizon Mine run along the ridge. The power lines are gone now and the road is […]

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