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Fourth Day, First Flag Anniversary 2021-02-16, the 76th on Corregidor Island.

Zf001. I started walking from MacArthur Café to the Engineering Ravine. I came by here and noticed all the trolleys are left on the island by Sun Cruises Inc. They apparently belong to the Corregidor Foundation Inc (CFI) now. Not a good picture but the story is that the trolleys are still here and are […]

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North Entrance to the Malinta Hill Tunnel.

Zo409. This is a Jan 7th 2005 image of the North Entrance of the Malinta Hill Tunnel leading to the so-called 1000 Bed underground hospital, part of the Malinta Hill Tunnel. The President Memorial of President Quezon was located here until about 2005 or 2006. The North Entrance to the Malinta Hill Tunnel is special, […]

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The Corregidor Railway, Trolley or Tram System

Ze021. Corregidor Trolley, from Corregidor.org, Paul Whitman A poor picture of a car leaving the Malinta tunnel. The picture’s caption describes it as “Car 66 leaving Malinta tunnel between Monkey Point and Bottomside – 1934-36.” Note the single track. The currently restored portion of the main Malinta tunnel has two tracks, and suggests that the […]

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