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Oryoku Maru – the notorious Japanese POW Hellship

Zf142. This is the Hellships Memorial in Subic Bay, located only a few hundred feet from the wreckage site of the Oryoku Maru. Picture, courtesy of Pacific War Stories video, this is the opening image of the video. The speaker, shown in this picture is LCDR Gerald Anderson, who was the principle person who created […]

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Oryoku Maru, Olongapo History

A01. Za301. This attacked ship is not the infamous Oryoku Maru, it looks more like freighter and it was attacked on the 19th Nov 1944 and not in Dec. 1944 when the Oryoku Maru was attacked and sunk in Olongapo. David Demether provided this picture. —————————————————————– Oryoku Maru was an Imperial Japanese Hell Ship with […]

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