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Corregidor, Other 1945 Images from San Diego Air Museum

Zf587. One of the best pictures I have seen of the Fort Mills Hospital on Corregidor. This is a San Diego Air and Space Museum WWII image from the donated album of T.B. Suitor. —————————————————— Album Description: Image from and album donated showing images from the Philippines during the Second World War. The album belonged […]

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Walk to Battery Cheney 2018-07-06

Zc379. My Garmin device data and tracks of my walk to Battery Cheney on Corregidor Island, the former Fort Mills, in the Manila Bay Harbor Defense Command, 1 of 4 images shot 2018-07-06. I visited Corregidor 2018-07-06 to 08 to see what is happening on Corregidor under the new Corregidor Foundation Inc. (CFI) management. But […]

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