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WWII Tidbits from the www, Post #3.

Zf612.Sound location equipment in Germany, 1939. It consists of four acoustic horns, a horizontal pair and a vertical pair, connected by rubber tubes to stethoscope type earphones worn by the two technicians left and right. The stereo earphones enabled one technician to determine the direction and the other the elevation of the aircraft. This picture […]

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WWII, Philippines, from CDSG Friends, #01

– Zd102. Flickr 001. SC 118548 Men of Battery “E” 91st C.A. loading 10 Inch shells, this image was received from the Phil. Dept. 11 Jan. 1941. This must be Battery Grubbs, and Philippine Scouts in Fort Mills on Corregidor Island in Manila Bay. Another 10 Inch battery was in Fort Wint, on Grande Island […]

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The Abbott Trail at Ft. Mills on Corregidor Island

Ze049.-01a (unmarked) a pre WWII image of the Abbott Trail provided by the CDSG members, Glen Williford and Karl Schmidt. ————————————————– A good friend from the Coastal Defense Study Group (cdsg.org), Glen Williford brought two pre WWII pictures about the Abbott Trail in Ft. Mills on Corregidor Island. So we made it project to find […]

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