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WWII, Philippines, from CDSG Friends, #01

– Zd102. Flickr 001. SC 118548 Men of Battery “E” 91st C.A. loading 10 Inch shells, this image was received from the Phil. Dept. 11 Jan. 1941. This must be Battery Grubbs, and Philippine Scouts in Fort Mills on Corregidor Island in Manila Bay. Another 10 Inch battery was in Fort Wint, on Grande Island […]

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Corregidor visit with Bill & Scott, 2006-01-20

– Zo923. One of the Senior Officer Quarters, Topside on Corregidor, Fort Mills which was used by one of the parachute companies as a head quarter when recapturing Corregidor from the Japanese on the 16th Feb. 1945. ——————————————– Album Description: The purpose was to show my friends Bill Loudermilk and Scott Simms, the famous island […]

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Walk to Battery Cheney 2018-07-06

Zc379. My Garmin device data and tracks of my walk to Battery Cheney on Corregidor Island, the former Fort Mills, in the Manila Bay Harbor Defense Command, 1 of 4 images shot 2018-07-06. I visited Corregidor 2018-07-06 to 08 to see what is happening on Corregidor under the new Corregidor Foundation Inc. (CFI) management. But […]

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