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Balangiga Massacre by Crisologo L. Ramasasa

Picture #00, the bells are now placed next to Balangiga Church for all to see. —————————————————————————- Balangiga Massacre by Crisologo L. Ramasasa The truth about the Balangiga Massacre Copyright  2011 Crisologo L. Ramasasa lhogohramz@gmail.com   Crisologo L. Ramasasa is a native of Balangiga, born, raised and worked as a teacher there. He is retired now […]

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Balangiga-Incident,-Bells & Bob Couttie

05 Balangiga-Incident,-Bells & Bob Couttie 240522. This is the book cover of the book: Hang the Dogs: The True Tragic History of the Balangiga Massacre. ———————————————————– Amazon Books wrote this about the book: ON 28 SEPTEMBER, 1901, THE BALANGIGA MASSACRE BECAME THE 9/11 OF ITS DAY. IT SHOCKED AMERICA TO THE CORE AND EXPOSED THE […]

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