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Oryoku Maru POWs transshipped in San Fernando, La Union

  Zf848. To me this is the best picture of the bunch, it shows the whole San Fernando, La Union area and the authors marked the picture with the relevant geographic points and the timeline of the transshipment of the POWs in Dec. 1944. —————————————————– The horrendous tale and time table of the Allied POWs […]

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Gen. Wainwright images and news clippings.

– Zo770. 1945-8-30 Lt Gen Jonathan M Wainwright in Manila with Gen Walter Krueger. This is one of 7 images of Gen. Wainwright, found and provided by John Duresky for his research for a book on Army Lt Chester K Britt. —————————————————————- These pictures are from Mr. John Duresky. He and his friend, Lt Col […]

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Col. W. Massello, Battery Way, Corregidor Siege

Zo703. Lt. Col. William Massello is honored by Mayor G. Edward Bradley in Sommerville, Mass., as a survivor of the Corregidor Siege in 1942 and being on a Hell Ship, and POW in Japan. The Boston Sunday Globe got it completely wrong! The Allied personnel on Corregidor, ordered to surrender, DID NOT PARTICIPATE in the […]

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