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P.I.-Sailor’s Navy Pages…….
The U.S. Navy was my vehicle to see many parts of the world and allowed me to be witness to world events…….
This picture shows the USS New Jersey (BB-62) and an amphibious ship passing each other near Grande Island in Subic Bay, 1963, into and from the Subic Bay Naval Base.

Battle of Midway Island in NEX Hallway.

– Zo744 This is one of several images of the Battle of Midway, 4th June 1942, which are displayed in the hall ways of the Pearl Harbor Exchange (NEX). The pictures were shot on the 23rd of June 2020 and may be downloaded in high resolution from my Flickr album. ———————————————- In the Pearl Harbor […]

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Army-Navy Story in Subic Bay

Zc701. This is Grande Island, the former Fort Wint, in its heyday as a Navy Recreation Center. A battle ship and an amphibious ship are passing each other in and out of Subic Bay. On the island, left side and up is Battery Warwick, the two 10 Inch guns have been removed already at this […]

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The Northcott Brothers

Zc512. Bilibid Prison in Manila from the Navy Medicine Live Blog. U. S. Navy, 3 Corpsman Brothers, Canacao Hospital, Bilibid Prison, Oryoku Maru Hell Ship This is copied from the Navy Medicine Live Blog, click here: The Saga of the Northcotts: Three Brothers at Bilibid Prison By André B. Sobocinski Historian, U.S. Navy Bureau of […]

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Navy Diver School, Second Class, San Diego 1963

A cargo barge, converted to a diving school was our main venue for class room and surface supplied diving training. This was on the Naval Station San Diego, 32nd Street. This is BM3 Karl-Wilhelm Welteke under the Navy Diver School sign on the diving barge in 1963. Navy Diver Second Class students at their morning […]

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Navy Bootcamp San Diego 1960, Company 331. The Navy Recruit Training Command San Diego at the Naval Training Center was my first home in the United States Navy starting on the 14th July 1960. Navy Recruit Company # 331 in 1960 was my company for about 12 weeks in the NTC San Diego. We marched […]

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