Zg694 Corregidor Cine

For those who may disagree with reinforcement such as this, I’ll ask you a question. As you approach the Cine, would you prefer to see a standing structure with some discrete metal supports or a pile of rubble?

By now you may be asking yourselves, is the Cine building in any danger of collapse that requires immediate attention? Yes, at least one wall could fall at any time.

Except for the small front section, the Cine is an empty shell with no roof support for the tall outside walls. A few years ago a section of one of these walls did collapse. The last time I was at the Cine I could see that the rest of this wall was leaning out nearly a foot at the top. Add any recent typhoon damage to that and it is potentially a dangerous place to be around.

Zg694 Corregidor Cine

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