Zg693 Corregidor Middleside Barracks

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This segment with the 8 images was posted by John Moffitt, a very frequent visitor on Corregidor.

I’ll wade into this for a moment.

The article is written by someone who knows little about the island including the basics such as what province Corregidor is actually part of. Even the ‘history’ is a bit fuzzy in the last three paragraphs. Let’s hope the same sloppiness occurred when she used the word “restore” in the headline.

When the Cine is mentioned further down, the term is “structural retrofitting.” If this refers to the type of work carried out at the Middleside Barracks then I am all for it. I have no doubt that much of the eastern end of those barracks would be on lying on the ground now if this had not occurred years ago.

Here are two photos of supports added to the interior of the Middleside Barracks.

Zg693 Corregidor Middleside Barracks

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