Zg007. Possible location of the Gen. Wainwright Surrender Marker; several friends had a discussion about the location. I made this Google Earth graph and said this:
As John says, no exact landmarks
So, to me it looks like possible as indicated on this attachments.
Next time I will look here, if anything.
I love those NARA albums!!!!
My friend John Moffitt said this:
That is the area I was thinking of too. The only thing off a bit is we cannot see any of the POW camp in that photo which was still there in 1946. The photo may have been taken a bit further north but with part of Malinta Hill still in sight.
I don’t think you will find any trace of that today unless it is hidden behind the Philippine Coast Guard Station. That spot seems off-limits plus they have big dogs there which are being trained for bomb sniffers in Mindanao. (The dog trainers may be gone now; this info is from three or four years ago).
John Moffitt

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