Zf929. 1914 4 5 FORT LEAVENWORTH KANSAS NEWS PVT Jose B Nispero receives MOH, cropped. This news article was sent to me by the researcher of the writing team of the new book “Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt”.

The team is on my mailing list and got aware of this Filipino Hero, John Duresky sent this article and wrote this:
Thanks Karl. I’m always interested to learn of these heroes. I wanted to see if I could find about him in Newspapers.com and located the attached article which writes about his actions and the original medal presentation ceremony in detail. I see in the first link below in the upper LH photo it looks like someone is holding an old newspaper with some damage on it. If you like, maybe you can get this to some family member who might like to read the article if they haven’t already. Attached are the full page and just the part about Pvt. Nispero.
Note from Karl, he is talking about the below picture displayed and which can be found in this PVAO URL: https://pvao.gov.ph/pvao-turns-over-us-congressional-medal-of-honor-to-nisperos-family/
I will try to do that with the help of the San Fernando City, La Union.

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