Zf855.This is a thumbnail sketch from the book: BLOOD BROTHER by Col Eugene C Jacobs page 91.
This is a biography of the Col Eugene C Jacobs from the www, click here:
Colonel (COL) Eugene C. Jacobs, MD, graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1929. He joined the Army Medical Corps in 1934 and served as the personal physician to General MacArthur from October 1941 to December 1941. He was a prisoner of war (POW) of the Japanese from 20 July 1942 to 20 August 1945, serving as the Chief, Medical Service, Japanese Prisoner of War (POW) Camp No.1 Hospital, Cabanatuan from 1942 to1944. He was transferred to prison camps in Moji and Fukuoka, Japan and Mukden, Manchuria in 1945, finally being liberated by the Russians to Kunming, China in 1945. He remained in the Army until retirement 1 June 1965.

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