Zf529. (49). Mysterious vehicles at large lot with a pool, which catered to visitors, as late as a year ago. The pool was closed because of the virus from Red China. Very, very seldom does one see vehicles on Kalaklan Ridge because the road is bad. But because of the electrical work here an old trail from Gordon Heights is now usable for vehicles. This is one of 7 images of my walk, uphill along the Kalaklan Ridge, about 3 km up to the 235 meter level. I took two pictures of the new electrical lines. A work team has been up here for weeks and replaced all the electrical wires and fittings. I wanted to check out the swimming pool but it was not only closed, special vehicles were parked there and a man with 2 radios in his hand told me “bawal- in German verboten”. So, I moved on to my descend point the diagonal trail down to the Rizal Extension in Barretto and home.

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