Zf348. This picture must be a Corregidor defense position, a concrete trench. The picture description says it is a Marine Shore Defense Position on Bataan. But the description says that Corregidor surrendered today with the date 5-6-42. See the next images with more details. The photo is credited as an official U.S. Marine Corps Photo from ACMF. It was sent to me by the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team who finished writing their book: “Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt”.
This picture with the description seems to be on sale in the internet and a friend asked this: “Karl, any value in this photo and the caption? Looked everywhere and can’t find it ever used in a newspaper. No Marines visible in it. Wondering if you’ve ever come across what might be these trenches (major long shot with all that shoreline). My answer follows under the next picture.

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