Zf306. 02 210831 Hanjin Shipyard North-Wall, Subic Bay, Google Earth big image.
Hanjin Shipyard North Wall trip. 31 Aug. 2021.
I wanted to explore around the Hanjin Shipyard, closed now in bankrupt procedures. The place has guards but I detected no other activities!
Parked at the bus parking, saw 2 buses there, touched base with the gate guards, and told them, I will walk along the wall outside. Found the trail that led to the old road to the wall and followed it the end. Saw a horse and rider coming my way; saw 3 houses on the other end, inland end. Continued walking, Hanjin Wall had expanded since my last visit, many years ago but I could not find a good trail going to the south river and a way to the ridge with road cuts across the ridge to the next valley. So, I gave up and returned.

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