Zf170. This is the Dizon Mine Pass area zoomed in. I remembered a road that went up the ridge to the left and that was the trail I first came across and I followed it up. It did have an end and there was a small toilet. I assume it was used as a lookout point during the 1990s Lahar Crisis.
In this picture, I share with you, is where I came across a party of 4 men who just killed a wild female big that was caught in a trap set the day before. On my way back they had it roasted. I asked them whether I could take a picture and they said no!
The old road that connected to the pass, I did not find anymore and so I decided I got to go straight up, wherever I could go thru and hang on to trees or scrub. Well, I did come across the old road, now a trail to the lookout and toilet station. From that point it was easy just follow the trail and that is how I came down and meet up with my track coming up.

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