Matnog Terminal, Gateway to the Visayan Islands.

Tropical Depression Usman (TD) passed over this area on the 28th Dec. 2018. On the 30th Dec. some small boats started operating again. I walked from Culasi to Matnog to check on the landslides. Then I met my wife there who had come by boat and we returned to our village by boat that afternoon. These scenes are about Matnog, 2 days after TD Usman passed by here.

Zc994. This is a ferry of Fast Cat Co, in this picture she prepares to load vehicles. The ferries from this port cross the San Bernardino Strait to a port on Samar. The ferries of this company go to the port of San Isidro on Samar, which is further south than Port Allen where some of the other ferries go.

I used this very ferry with my car on the 13th Dec 2018 on my way to the Balangiga Bells Turnover Ceremony on the 15th Dec. 2018. I bought a ticket from the internet for 2400 peso. On my way back I paid for the ticket in San Isidro and paid only 1500 peso, another lesson learned.

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