Visit Corregidor from Bataan.

Zf549. The Three Amigos. We visited Corregidor between the 14th and 18th of Feb. 2022 to commemorate the raising of the first US Flag on Corregidor by the Rock Force, the paratroopers in particular after the surrender of the Philippines to the invading Imperial Japanese Military. We called this event: “First Flag, 16th Feb. 1945 on Corregidor, 77th Anniversary Detail”. This image is curtesy of the Bamban Historical Society and Bamban Museum of History


Forget the hassle of traveling to Manila. Forget to have about 15 passengers, having to book the 15 passenger craft available thru the Corregidor Foundation (CFI). Forget the long boat ride. Also remember, the Corregidor Inn is temporarily closed and the ferry service from the Mall of Asia area is not available anymore because the operator, Sun Cruises, gave it up.

Recently the “Tree Amigos” from Central Luzon done it; here is our experience. We were Mr. Gerald Randy Anderson Sr., the creator of the Hell Ships Memorial in Subic Bay, Mr. Rhonie Dela Cruz, the owner of the Bamban Historical Society and Bamban Museum of History and Karl Welteke, resident of Olongapo City.


Zf445. The dramatic image of the WWII image of Paratroopers raising the first US flag on Corregidor on the 16th Feb. 1945. T/5 Frank Guy Arrigo accompanied by Pfc Clyde I. Bates raised the flag. Photo – courtesy of

Step #1 Contact CFI, here is all contact information:

Melody Bondoc

Sales & Marketing Officer

Corregidor Foundation Inc

Rm. 10 Bay Terminal, CCP Complex, 

Roxas Blvd, Malate, Manila

Tel # +63 2 8823.3281

Mob # +63 977.643.4819


Or visit our forum page, all the requirements are in writing; this is the URL, it is page 4 and it is first entry, click here:

Zf455. The location of the CFI Office and where the 15 passenger boat/craft leaves from here and you can park here.

Zf456. The CFI Office in Manila at the CCP Complex.

Boats are available from the South East Corner of Bataan, from the Villa Carmen and the boat COOP of Cabcaben. We chose Villa Carmen, it is easier to get to by car.

They charged us for each trip, (two different days) 3000 pesos, so the total was 6000 pesos divided between 3 passengers.

This is the Villa Carmen boat contact information from CFI:  Boat transfer Brgy Mountain Dew, Villa Carmen, Mariveles, Bataan to Corregidor, Mr. Albert 09159209035

ZF550. The location of boat service to Corregidor from Villa Carmen, big picture.

ZF551. The location of boat service to Corregidor from Villa Carmen, zoomed in.

Zf552. So the bill from CFI for 3 people, 4 nights was 19,950 peso and 6,000 more for the boat service. Although the Corregidor Inn is not available CFI has rooms at 1000 peso (2 people) one night.

Three pictures that show the boat crossing to Corregidor from Bataan.

Zf232. The Villa Carmen beach area they do have a plank to enter the boat but I prefer to get my feet wet and just have slippers on. This picture is from last year, 2021; but it shows the Villa Carmen beach situation.

Zf553. Mr. Rhonie Dela Cruz, the owner of the Bamban Historical Society and Bamban Museum of History on his smart phone. While on Corregidor he posted several entries in his Facebook account, click here:

Zf235. We are crossing the North Channel of the Manila Bay harbor entrance and sometime it has real ship traffic. This picture is from last year, 2021.

Zf554. This is the boat landing at the North Shore at Bottomside on Corregidor Island, the former Fort Mills. The landing should be improved; it is sometime a hairy situation to get on and off these banca boats. And yes, sadly, the trash problem in Manila Bay is not under control yet.

2 thoughts on “Visit Corregidor from Bataan.

  1. 17JAN23 Visited Corregidor Island
    As of this writing, this is the ONLY way to Corregidor Island.

    Contact: Ms. Flor +63 997640946
    She will coordinate your trip and guided tour of Corregidor Island. They want your business.

    Well worth every penny. I suggest 4-6 people in your group. We were two, and we joined another couple to make 4. You pay for the boat, so two will be more expensive. You will not be disappointed. Just keep an open and adventurous frame of mind.

    You will need your passport and vaccination. Card. You will be entering PH Govt controlled property of Corregidor Island.

    You start by entering Villa Carmen Beach Resort
    FH2Q+683, Cabcaben-Town Site Rd, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines. They keep the driveway gated, so just hang tight as they allow you in.

    If you have your own car you can drive the small unimproved road to the Bangka/Pump Boats. It is a fun adventures ride and you will get wet from sea spray. You will be sitting on wood cross members, no real “seating”.

    The crossing is about 20-30 minutes each way. Upon arrival you will be met by Island Administration who will take your palm temperature, then have you sign in. We then boarded a trolly bus to begin our 3.5 hour tour. The bus has water and snacks for sale.

    If you are a WWII history buff you will love this trip. Nothing more than awesome.

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