US – Philippines: An Enduring Friendship

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US – Philippines: An Enduring Friendship

A coffee table book and video; Capt. Dennis Wright USN Ret.

Dennis Wright



and his team of Assistants.


Let me reciprocate.  I have authored a hard cover, coffee table book, entitled US – Philippines: An Enduring Friendship.  The 1st edition came out back when I was still working with Peregrine.  I just had a 2nd Edition printed about four months ago. After I did the books, I ended up donating to the US – Philippine Society to use as mementos.  But I maintain control.  I did all the research and writing and composition, but then had a graphic artist do the layout.  They really are quite nice.


Here is a video link to the book which includes an audio track.  The pages are extracted from the book… it will give you a sneak peak to the hard copy of the book,  copy and paste:

Note from Karl, I was impressed and really enjoyed the video; book will arrive in a few days. I would like to share the video.


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