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Battle of the Villa Verde Trail, from NARA.

–Zd235. This is an image from NARA, a collection of about 150 images about the Battle of Villa Verde, Feb.-May 1945, half of the images are only the descriptions.This imge did not have a readable description but is in sequence with all the other Battle of the Villa Verde Trail and 32nd Division combat images. […]

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Battle of Balete/Dalton Pass.

Battle of Balete/Dalton Pass. – Zd122. This is an WWII 1945 image of the Battle of the Balete Pass, fought by the 25th Division, to liberate North Luzon and defeat the Japanese Army. This picture was downloaded from NARA. Zd123. This is the description for the previous image. ——————————————— Battle of Balete Pass. This is […]

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