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Hell Ship Oryoku Maru

75th Anniversary Zf269. 00a. The Memorial Event Announcement. Let’s remember, according to one webpage 1622 POWs started out, 1219 Perished and only 403 survived; many, many died because of hunger, inhumane treatment and mistreatment in the hands of the Imperial Japanese Forces. In remembrance of nearly 300 Heroes, who perished during the sinking of the […]

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Army Lt Chester K Britt, Hell Ship Oryoku Maru, Ft. Wint, Olongapo

Zo691-01. 1941 Olongapo, Chet Britt Sr.at the Olongapo Fleet Boat Landing and Waiting Shed. It looks like the Army Coastal Defense Force of Fort Wint on Grande Island in Subic Bay used the same boat landing area as the US Fleet in the Olongapo US Naval Station. This image was provided by John Duresky. ————————————————– […]

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Oryoku Maru, Olongapo History

A01. Za301. This attacked ship is not the infamous Oryoku Maru, it looks more like freighter and it was attacked on the 19th Nov 1944 and not in Dec. 1944 when the Oryoku Maru was attacked and sunk in Olongapo. David Demether provided this picture. —————————————————————– Oryoku Maru was an Imperial Japanese Hell Ship with […]

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