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Viet Nam 1966-1973, various pictures

Zg080. -06. An-Loc was surrounded by the North Vietnamese during the 1972 Easter offensive. An Loc is about 80 km north of Saigon. This is a captured North Viet Namese tank. When I returned to VN for a 3rd time the news of relieving An Loc and recapturing Quang Tri dominated the news and it […]

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Viet Nam Memories

—————————– Ze556. On the 2nd floor of the Army Museum in Fort Derussy in Waikiki is a large room with many stories displayed of U.S Service Men receiving the Medal of Honor. I glanced at one name and I recognized it immediately and it awoke deep memories of our service in Viet Nam. He was […]

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Viet Nam, Hawaii, Philippines, Memories

—————————– Ze553. This is the Army Museum in Fort Derussy in Waikiki. —————————— Recently my family moved temporarily to Hawaii and I visited the Army Museum in Fort Derussy in Waikiki with family members. I saw pictures there that reminded me of my life in this world. —————————— Ze554. The Army Museum in Fort Derussy […]

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