Tag: Malinta Hill Tunnel North Entrance

Malinta Hill Tunnel page 2, from John Moffitt.

Here is the original 1966 photo of the Malinta Tunnel North Entrance with a caption at the bottom. Zf930. The man in the center is indeed the correct age to have been a WWII veteran in 1966. A web search tells me that the Iowa Governor in 1966 was Harold E. Hughes and he was […]

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Malinta Hill Tunnel on Corregidor, page 1

Zf856. Gen. MacArthur returns to Corregidor, image from Peter DeForest Facebook page, photo from Carl Mydans of the LIFE Collection. This picture shows Gen. Mac Arthur at the North Entrance of the Malinta Hill Tunnel, probably on the 2nd of March 1945 when he visited Corregidor and ordered the colors hoisted on the Old Flag […]

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