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Villa Verde 32nd Div. Red Arrow Monument updates 2019-06-13

Ze391. (-01) this is the older 1945 32nd Div. Red Arrow Monument, without a plaque, and it is broken now. It has been moved by the road contractor to the left side of the Cabalisian River within the last 2 or 3 years during the new road and bridge construction. ________________________________ I changed my mind […]

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Overnight on Villa Verde Trail 2019-06-12

Ze371. (-01) THE MALICE COUNTRY INN, WE DECIDED TO STAY HERE, RATHER THAT IN SANTA FE. Camping out in the Malico, the Salacsac Passes on top of the Villa Verde Trail, 2019-06-12 Two friends and I wanted to walk down the Villa Verde Trail from the top to the bottom at Pangasinan. We drove to […]

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