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Villa Verde Trail, down the Pangasinan Side, end section

Ze404. Concrete is laid down piece meal and this section of concrete is already at the about 850 meters level and near the 633meters Ridge connection with the new Pangasinan-Nueva Vizcaya Road which follows the old Villa Verde Trail down along the North-South Ridge which runs parallel east and next to the Ambayoan River. We […]

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Villa Verde 32nd Div. Red Arrow Monument updates 2019-06-13

Ze391. (-01) this is the older 1945 32nd Div. Red Arrow Monument, without a plaque, and it is broken now. It has been moved by the road contractor to the left side of the Cabalisian River within the last 2 or 3 years during the new road and bridge construction. ________________________________ I changed my mind […]

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Overnight on Villa Verde Trail 2019-06-12

Ze371. (-01) THE MALICE COUNTRY INN, WE DECIDED TO STAY HERE, RATHER THAT IN SANTA FE. Camping out in the Malico, the Salacsac Passes on top of the Villa Verde Trail, 2019-06-12 Two friends and I wanted to walk down the Villa Verde Trail from the top to the bottom at Pangasinan. We drove to […]

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