Tag: Hell Ships Memorial in Subic Bay

WWII Tidbits from the www, Post #4.

  Zg046. Gaunt and emaciated, but happy at their release from Japanese captivity, two Allied prisoners pack their meager belongings, after being freed near Yokohama, Japan, on September 11, 1945, by men of an American mercy squadron of the U.S. Navy. (AP Photo) —————————————-———————————————- This is my 4th albums about WWII Tidbits from the www. ———————————————-——————————————— […]

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Hell Ship Oryoku Maru

75th Anniversary Zf269. 00a. The Memorial Event Announcement. Let’s remember, according to one webpage 1622 POWs started out, 1219 Perished and only 403 survived; many, many died because of hunger, inhumane treatment and mistreatment in the hands of the Imperial Japanese Forces. In remembrance of nearly 300 Heroes, who perished during the sinking of the […]

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