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Oryoku Maru POWs transshipped in San Fernando, La Union

  Zf848. To me this is the best picture of the bunch, it shows the whole San Fernando, La Union area and the authors marked the picture with the relevant geographic points and the timeline of the transshipment of the POWs in Dec. 1944. —————————————————– The horrendous tale and time table of the Allied POWs […]

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Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt

Zf192.  Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt, this is the front cover. A new book about Army Lt. Britt serving in Fort Wint, (Grande Island in Subic Bay) and in the Battle of Bataan during WWII. He also survived three Hell Ships and being a POW in the […]

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West Point Class of 1940, some information.

– Zd019. General Douglas MacArthur Address at West Point – “Duty, Honor, Country” from Valorous TV, Home of the Uncommon Valor, click here: His famous farewell speech, there not too many things that were not touched by Gen MacArthur! ————————————————– T hese pictures are from John Duresky, who is a member of the Army Lt. […]

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