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Battery Cheney of Fort Mills on Corregidor

  Zg321. One of the 12 Inch gun barrels is being installed at Battery Cheney in Fort Mills on Corregidor Island, Manila Bay, Philippines. It looks like they are using hydraulic jacks. This is a picture from the Karl Schmidt Collection, CDSG. He just sent it now, the 17th of June 2023 and gave me […]

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Walk to Battery Cheney 2018-07-06

Zc379. My Garmin device data and tracks of my walk to Battery Cheney on Corregidor Island, the former Fort Mills, in the Manila Bay Harbor Defense Command, 1 of 4 images shot 2018-07-06. I visited Corregidor 2018-07-06 to 08 to see what is happening on Corregidor under the new Corregidor Foundation Inc. (CFI) management. But […]

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