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SBFZ Perimeter Walk 22-11-22

Zg008. Pictures #045 to 065 are from my side trip to Brgy. Tipo. First of all we get a great view of the massive development/investment of the Xantheng Corp. thru their Tipo Hightech ECO Park Company. They have spread out from the SBFZ Tipo Gate at left to the Familiar Hill at right. We also […]

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SBFZ Fence around the Familiar Peak on SBFZ 2022-01-21

Zf510. (007) this is one of 13 images in the above album about my track of this -along the SBFZ Fence around the Familiar Peak- walk from Google Earth and my Garmin account and they give other relevant information. In new Cabalan I forgot to safe my GPS track, so the last 2 km of […]

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